Vicky Victoria (vickyblueeyez) wrote in syn_promo,
Vicky Victoria

A bunch of fandom related feeds

Heroes Peter/Sylar fics via - petlarffnet
Heroes Sylar/Mohinder fics via - mylarffnet

Green Hornet Movie Verse 2011 Brit/Kato via - grnhrnt11ffnet

Ninja Assassin fic via - ninja_assnffnet

Batman Beyond Terry/Max fic via - bbtmffnet

Vampire Diaries TV Damon/Bonnie via - vdtvdambonffnet

Worth1000 Galleries - worth1galleries

Fills from the 1st ST Kink Meme - 1stkinkmemefill
Fills from Current Kink Meme via Diggo - dstxikmfilled
Fills from current Art Kink Meme via Delicious - startmemefills
Fills from current Kink Meme via Delicious - stkinkmemefills
Kirk/Spock fics from XI/2009 via - kirkspock2009
Kirk/Spock fics from TOS via kirkspock_tos
Kirk/McCoy fics from XI via - km09ffnet
Spock/McCoy fics from XI via - spones09ffnet
Spock/Uhura fic from XI/2009 via - spockuhuraffnet
Spock/Uhura fic from TOS via - tosspkuhraffnet
New fic from K/S fanfic archive - km_archive
New fic from K/M fanfic archive - ks_archive

News from BJD Collectasy bjdcollectasy

Den of Angels News - doa_news

Koei News - koeiwarriorsrss and koeiwarriorsfb

Thor Het - thorhetffnet

Tumbledex (DW Tumblr Directory) - dw_tumbledex

Fuck Yeah Fanfic Flamingo - fy_fficflamingo
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