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Nordic Fandom News: one feed for all the (small) Nordic fan feeds

nordic_fan_news is a central point for Nordic fandom news, automatically gathered by web feeds and LJ-watches. Since there are so many small Nordic fan sites with infrequent updates, but with interesting and worthy content, it's practical to follow them through one reasonably active hub: one place to get updated on what's happening on the Nordic fan scene.

You can follow or syndicate the Nordic Fandom News' RSS feed or you can follow its individual feeds. NFN is following 743 Nordic journals/blogs/communities/forums/zines/archives/etc. at the moment, of which 434 are RSS or Atom feeds syndicated to LiveJournal.

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Nordic Fandom News rules in short:

  • Anyone can friend, watch or syndicate NFN or its individual feeds.

  • If your journal/blog/community/etc. deliver content relevant to Nordic fans, it might be added to the list of watched feeds. Only public content will be shown in the automatically gathered feed.

  • Tips and feedback, about Nordic fan-sites, blogs, journals, archives etc. with or without web feeds, is welcome.

Read more about NFN and NFN policies on nordic_fan_news. You can also follow Nordic Fandom News on Twitter: @NFNFeed.