Elizabeth Bennet, or so she'd like (akaliko) wrote in syn_promo,
Elizabeth Bennet, or so she'd like

Crooked Timber and iWire

crookedtimber is the feed for a new (two days old) group blog by "a cabal of philosophers, politicians manqués, would-be journalists, sociologues, financial gurus, dilettantes and flâneurs who have assembled to bring you the benefit of their practical and theoretical wisdom on matters historical, literary, political, philosophical, economic, sociological, cultural, sporting, artistic, cinematic, musical, operatic, comedic, tragic, poetic, televisual &c &c ..." Mmm. [Via volokh, the feed for The Volokh Conspiracy.]

i_wire is the feed for iWire, the weblog of the iSociety, a unit of London-based thinktank The Work Foundation (chief exec: Will Hutton) that 'investigates the impact of ICT in the UK, with special emphasis on technology in everyday life, at home, in communities and at work.' Today's latest post hilariously suggests a Kyoto-esque framework for offsetting emissions of hot air from anthropogenic blogging sources.
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