Cheeser (hpana_cheeser) wrote in syn_promo,

More Harry Potter news than you can shake a broomstick at

For those unawares, the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator, or HPANA, offers the very latest in Harry Potter-related news. Somebody set us up as a LiveJournal syndicated account awhile back, but they messed up the first one, so we're left with hpana. In the future, I'll be setting up an "official" HPANA account and will post to it via the LiveJournal API and it will be swell and full of technical marvels. In the meantime, subscribe to hpana to get the latest and greatest HP news delivered right to your friends list!

69 other Muggles can't be wrong. (Yes, that's 69 other subscribers at the time of this post.)
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