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Fastmail – Doctor Fun – Piers Cawley – use.perl

I'd like to mention some RSS feeds I'm watching (some of which I started). I've mentioned some of these before, but it was a while ago, so I thought I'd post about them again.

fastmail_blog (current cost: 0.699 points) and fastmail_status (current cost: 0.537 points)
Information about, a free webmail/IMAP provider. fastmail_blog is a log for FastMail.FM announcements, news, and comments; fastmail_status contains status announcements such as scheduled downtime.
drfun (current cost: 0.265 points)
RSS feed of the (week)daily single-panel Doctor Fun cartoon. This cartoon by David Farley features often rather wacky humour. (Note: "Not all Doctor Funs may be suitable for children and some childlike adults.")
pdcawley_tech (current cost: 0.473 points)
This feed was, I believe, kindly set up by mendel. It's an RSS feed of the technical blog of Piers Cawley (the person who provides, among other things, the weekly Perl6 summaries).
acmerss (current cost: 0.699 points) and torgoxrss (current cost: 0.436 points)
RSS feed of Léon Brocard's and Sean M. Burke's use Perl journals.
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