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updated community info

a_fdotcom an action figure and toy news site (3)
adultfilmfan for fans of the adult film industry (0)
advogato The free software developer's advocate (2)
aldaily Arts and Letters Daily (2)
alternatenews alternate news feed that runs stories the big channels won't (2)
alternetorgiraq alternate news feed running news on upcoming war with Iraq (0) Parse error
andrewsullivan "Daily dish" blog from political pundit Andrew Sullivan (2)
angst_tech Angst Technology (0) Bad RSS feed
appellate legal feed devoted to litigation by appeals (2)
appleturns Mac Rumour site as the Apple Turns (10)
aquarionics personal journal of Aquarion (8)
ars_technica the pc enthusiast's resource - comp/sci/tech news (5)
b3ta The weblog from the lovely, insane people at b3ta (4)
bbcnewsworld world news from the BBC (96)
bluesnews gaming news (4)
boingboing_net a directory of wonderful things (28)
boondocks comic strip (89)
brunching the Brunching Shuttlecocks (50)
c_a_r_s Crazy Apple Rumours Site (3)
cert CERT advisories (103)
chicky_net Chicky's personal journal (9)
chris_pirillo Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and techTV (4)
cnetnewsdotcom CNET news (30)
cnndotcom (0) Not being updated
cnntopstories CNN top news stories (7)
coding_strange Strange Coding (2)
commondreams from (7)
davebarrycolumn humorous commentary and facetiousness every day (43)
daypop_top40 The top 40 most linked to weblog memes. Very handy at times. (4) Parse error
de_heise_news - German - the heise news ticker lists computer biz and technology related news. (1)
de_telepolis - German - a "magazine of net culture", oriented towards culture and politics. (3)
dictionary_wotd's word of the day (23)
digital_ed a blog (6)
dilbertdaily Dilbert! (192)
disinfo Disinformation alternative news feed. "Everything you know is wrong." (11) Parse error
dnalounge see userinfo (40)
doonesbury Trudeau's classic comic (8)
dorktowerfeed (28)
dotkde KDE news (13)
dutchfurs Bad RSS feed
exploitationnow new comic coming soon (2) no content as yet
film_ru - Russian - film (8)
fishbowl_all a blog (5)
flayrah news portal for news portal for furry fandom (17)
foxtrot_feed newspaper comic, with the geeky kid (9)
gomono (6)
iht_opinion commentary from the International Herald Tribune editorial page (3)
insidemacgames Insidemacgames (5)
jamieongamedev Jamie on Game Development (1) Parse error
jerkcity (36)
joelonsoftware Joel On Software. Doing software correctly (11)
kevinkell great veteran online comic (19)
kuro5hin (147)
lambda_ultimate no information available (6) Parse error
lawrencelessig founder of the School’s Center for Internet and Society (7)
leftfootliving irregular journal of style, trend, fashion, and innovation (2)
linuxtoday (29)
lisnews Library and Information Science News (20)
lonecat a blog (6)
macminute (5)
macosxhints hints for Mac OS X (11)
macslash (8)
marijuanadotcom news on medical marijuana, legalization efforts, etc (0) Parse error
megatokyocomic a webcomic, MegaTokyo (46)
metafilter (41) Parse error
memepool (185)
mitch_kapor The weblog for the founder of Lotus, Inc. Watch out, Microsoft! (9)
moreovrfootball (1)
morons (7)
motivationquote motivational quotes, spammy once a day (5)
motley_fool - financial articles "finance and folly" (4)
mrsnotnesbitt The website caught with its panties down (7)
neilgaimanblog Neil Gaiman's blog (20) Blogger problems
nzaardvark NZ's leading source of Net-Industry news and commentary (1)
openbsd_journal Open BSD Journal (5)
operablog Opera news, events, tricks and stuff (2)
oreillynet O'Reilly Network (4)
os_opinion Tech commentary from (1)
peterme blog - technology, society, interface design, user research, reviews (5)
plasticbagorg Tom Coates' blog about blogging, online communities and random stuff (3)
plasticdotcom (80)
pravda_feed headlines from Pravda (7)
pvpkurtz PVP comic (4) Bad RSS feed
rands_in_repose the digital opinion unit of Jerkcity Enterprises (4)
rushkoff Blog from Douglas Rushkoff focusing on politics, media, technology, and culture (3)
saloncom (86)
sarah_t (7)
scripting (10)
shacker2 (10)
shiftlibrarian The Shifted Librarian (5)
sinfestfeed Ironic comic with God, the Devil and one of God's fan boys (15)
slashdot (373)
sluggy_comic Sluggy Freelance (5) Bad RSS feed
sweetcode (91)
techdirt Tech news that focuses on the big issues, rather than the daily grind. (8)
themorningnews Thoughtful commentary (2)
theforcenet all the Star Wars news you'll ever need (3) Parse error
theonering_net forged by and for fans of JRR Tolkien (6)
theonionfeed The Onion (97)
theregister bites the hand that feeds IT (131)
theregus The Register USA (2)
thinkgeek cool geek toys aplenty (66)
uk_fetish_info News and reviews for the UK fetish community. (2)
unmedia (3)
userfriendlyorg (53) Bad RSS feed
webstandards (44)
whump it's a blog (2)
wilwheaton (193)
wiredtopstories (80)
yellowtimes Alternative news & commentary from (6)
zeldman column on webdesign and standards from Jeffrey Zeldman (3)
zfilterdotcom a weird-link weblog (2)

List last updated 20th November 2002
Reader figures last updated 13th November 2002
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