Philip Newton (pne) wrote in syn_promo,
Philip Newton

World Wide Words

(Cross-posted to linguaphiles)

For those who've been enjoying Michael Quinion's weekly "World Wide Words" e-mail newsletter, you now have the opportunity to read it on LiveJournal as well, through the magic of RSS.

He announced in this week's edition that he had set up an RSS feed of the newsletter, which is now mirrored at worldwidewords. He also mentions:

I'd be more than interested to hear the views of subscribers who use RSS feeds (do please tell me which aggregator you are using, as they vary so much in the way they process and display the feeds).

The World Wide Words site is subtitled "Michael Quinion writes about international English from a British viewpoint". In the newsletter, he regularly looks at interesting words and turns of phrases, trying to establish their etymology or describing their use. He also reviews books connected with words and language.

An archive of the newsletter mailing list is also available for those who wish to have a look before they join.

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