Philip Newton (pne) wrote in syn_promo,
Philip Newton

Quinion's "World Wide Words" update feed moved

(cross-posted to linguaphiles)

Attention, please: Michael Quinion has moved the feeds for his "World Wide Words" newsletter from the beta URLs he had advertised. This has caused at least three feeds to stop working: worldwidewords, quinion_full, and worldwidewordsu.

I attempted to get the feed URL changed for worldwidewords but found that someone had already set up a syndicated account feeding from the new URL: wwwords_updates. People who were watching one of the three now-broken feeds, please friend this new account.

Since LiveJournal doesn't allow two syndicated accounts to feed from the same URL, none of the broken feeds can be used any more since they can't be changed over to the new feed. Please, in the future, if a feed URL changes, do not create a new account but ask for the URL on an existing account to be changed.

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