CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote in syn_promo,

Two feeds that deserve a little love: alias_media and macfixit

I decided to squander my raised syndication point quota slightly by creating a feed for a friend and a feed for myself.

alias_media is to the hit TV show Alias what leaky_cauldron is to the Harry Potter phenomenon: a frequently-updated site linking to lots of different articles about all things relating to the show and its actors. A good friend of mine swears by this resource, and if you'd rather not add the feed then you can always visit the web site instead.

macfixit is the result of much digging for the RSS feed of the ever-excellent Macintosh troubleshooting site, er, MacFixit. LiveJournal users who frequent this site will find this feed extremely useful, as older site updates are automatically restricted to users of their "Pro" service.

I hope one or both of these feeds will prove useful to you.

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