Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote in syn_promo,
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A few new feeds I added today

techtv_xplay The console side of TechTV
techtv_frshgear The toys side of TechTV
schismmatrix The blog of Bruce Sterling
worldsexnews TSIA
techtv_newthing TechTV's new things
maximumpc Maximum PC magazine
tomshardware Tom's Hardware Guide
symantecsecresp Symantec's Security Response Center
arcaderom Arcade ROMs
stormwerks #!/usr/bin/girl -v3 | [ a girl, a browser, and a lot of spare time ]
fileforum FileForum new releases
rattysghost A friend's blog
nonags NoNags Freeware new files
hunkabutta Hunkabutta: Tokyo photos, a stranger's life in pictures
betanews Inside Information, Unreleased Products
bastardpowered Bastard at Large - Rat Bastard - Home for Bastards
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