Kevin B. O'Reilly (cyberstoic) wrote in syn_promo,
Kevin B. O'Reilly

Mostly libertarian/political blogs

* atrios is a very active, popular liberal blog
* baseballmusings is an excellent baseball blog covering happenings all across MLB
* julian_sanchez is a writer for the libertarian Reason magazine, and this is his blog
* marginalrevtion is a joint blog maintained by two libertarian economists
* virginiapostrel is the blog of former Reason magazine editor and New York Times columnist Virginia Postrel
* matthewyglesias is the blog of liberal Matthew Yglesias, who maintains The American Prospect's blog, Tapped
* no_war_blog is the blog of Stand Down, a liberal/conservative group blog against the war in Iraq
* jane_galt_feed is for the blog of libertarian and financial writer "Jane Galt"
* danieldrezner is the blog of University of Chicago poli sci professor and libertarian/conservative Daniel Drezner
* fly_bottle is the blog of Will Wilkinson, a libertarian philosopher
* jim_henley is the blog of libertarian Jim Henley, who also covers comics and fitness
* antiwarblog is the feed offered by the libertarian/conservative site
* thebitbucket is a blog by my friend, Tim, and covers technology and politics from a libertarian perspective
* genehealy is the blog of Gene Healy, a funny, acid-tongued writer and analyst for the libertarian Cato Institute
* james_landrith is a blog maintained by libertarian James Landrith, who's also very active on issues related to multiracial individuals
* clarknaddison is an excellent blog about the Chicago Cubs
* articbabble is articulate babble, the blog of a video-game programmer and Howard Dean aficionado
* 50minutehour is the blog of Amy Phillips, a deeply principled libertarian and vegetarian/animal rights/women's rights person
* theagitator is lively group libertarian blog with lots of posts on pop culture and politics
* libsfordean is a blog for libertarians interested in the candidacy of Howard Dean
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