angharad governal (angharad_gov) wrote in syn_promo,
angharad governal

question about syn feeds


i know this is a promo community, but i'm hoping that someone will be able to answer my question about syn feeds and the lj system.

i have two feeds that i've syndicated to lj (gabblog & xenablog). i run both the blogs where the feeds come from and have control of the rss data in them. i'd like to know if there's a way to "force" the lj syn system to re-load the feeds it receives from an outside source so that the current entries stored in the lj system will be deleted and re-loaded? i know that we have no control over an rss feed once we've created it on lj, but unfortunately, if there are problems, errors, and whatnot, you can't simply go to that syndicated feed and re-load it so it would clear the backlogged entries and pump out the corrected ones. is there an (outside) method of doing this so the lj syn system will "re-boot" and wipe out prior entries that were leeched from the rss feeds?
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