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I have created a syndicated journal for Hikki Texts, a blogspot diary that is updated regularly with translations of Utada Hikaru's blog. Known to fans as Hikki, she's noted in the Guiness Book of World Records as Japan's highest selling recording artist. You may remember her from the title theme for the Disney/Square PS2 game Kingdom Hearts, or for having a song feat. Foxy Brown on the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack. Hikaru may be bilingual (and raised in NYC), but she updates her official blog only in the japanese language.

Utada Hikaru may be a nobody in the US, but she's preparing for her new english release under the name "UTADA" for Island Def Jam in Spring 2004. Its been getting pretty exciting lately, and she's just announced a farewell tour in Japan! She usually updates her blog during the few breaks she gets while in her studio.

(PS: I did request permission from the translator and owner of the blogspot account, Nuuk before making the feed.)
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