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New feed: dargonzine_feed

DargonZine is a free, strictly noncommercial electronic magazine that prints original medieval fantasy stories. The magazine is the product of our open community of aspiring amateur writers.

Founded in 1984 and currently beginning our 20th year, DargonZine is the both longest-running electronic magazine and the longest-running writers’ community on the Internet.

DargonZine’s primary purpose is to help aspiring amateur authors improve their craft by encouraging them to collaborate, having their works critiqued by their peers, and giving them feedback from typical readers across the Internet.

Many of our writers consider DargonZine to be their first exposure to an earnest writing community, and our readers get to reap the benefit in a regular stream of the best free, high quality fiction on the Internet.

We have over 375 original stories on our Web site—enough to fill two dozen novels—and new issues come out every 4-8 weeks. The dargonzine_feed syndication feed contains only short announcements when new issues are distributed and a link to the issue itself.

New readers and prospective writers are enthusiastically welcomed. For more info, visit our Web site at www.dargonzine.org.


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