Ryan (elwe) wrote in syn_promo,

Bunch of blog feeds

I have a large number of syn feeds for blogs I'm subscribed to with few or no other readers; I think I created many of them without remembering to announce them here. So:

  • claywhittaker - a conservative/libertarian blog by a 13-year-old

  • signoise - Christopher Genovese, a professor of statistics at Carnegie Mellon

  • qinielsen - Michael A. Nielsen, a physics professor studying quantum information science at the university of Queensland

  • beggingtodiffer - Begging to Differ

  • freshtrack - Fernando Pereira, U. Pennsylvania professor doing computational linguistics and such

  • crescat - Crescat Sententia, a blog by several University of Chicago students on law, politics, sex, scrabble, etc.

  • xbar - linguistics blog

  • dfmoore - Daniel Moore, a graduate student doing nanotech stuff at Georgia Tech

  • wyrdeRyan Hatch, an interesting individual who does computery things at the Rochester Institute of Technology, has large swords, and makes beer

  • deadparrots

  • johnandbellea Philosophy professor in singapore and his wife

  • unmediaAziz Poonawalla writes on politics; gives useful information about Islam

  • phluzeinLanguage and archeology blog

  • danieldreznerDaniel Drezer, U. Chicago professor who writes about globalization, mong other things

  • lancefortnowsyn - U. Chicago Cs professor who does computational complexity theory

  • marginalrevtionTyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, two economists who provide lots of insight into the economics of everyday activities

  • crookedtimber - Kind of a liberal Volokh Conspiracy

  • join_the_dots Penn grad student studying machine learning; lots of photography

  • languagelog - king of the linguistics blogs

  • and my personal favorite, audhumla, The Audhumlan Conspiracy, a group blog on linguistics, politics, and random stuff.
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