October 29th, 2002


creating better RSS feeds

Wanted to point out this post I made on how to create a better RSS feed for your LiveJournal account, so that your RSS feed lists your entire posts, as opposed to just a link to your posts.

Also, I discovered another way for paid users to add improved RSS support to LiveJournal accounts recently, by using a 3rd party web tool at http://www.voidstar.com/rssify.php to create RSS feeds.

In order to use it for any LiveJournal account, edit your style's LASTN_PAGE info so that the bit that says...

%%events%%</p>is changed to...

<span class="rss:item">%%events%%</span>

Expect more cool RSS tips and tricks in the future...!

Not so new feeds i created..

and forgot to promote.
alternatenews an alternate news feed that runs stories the big channels won't
theforcenet RSS feed of the popular website www.theforce.net with all the Star Wars news you'll ever need
alternetorgiraq an alternate news feed running news on our upcoming war with Iraq
adultfilmfan for fans of the adult film industry
<lj user="theonering_net" RSS feed of the popular website www.theonering.net with all the Lord Of The Rings news you'll ever want constantly in flux so I'll be coming up with new ones periodically

new additions...

please note:

1. Feeds in other languages are now noted in bold.

2. Descriptive text is now limited to 60 characters, there's just not enough room for more.

boingboing_net a directory of wonderful things
daypop_top40 The top 40 most linked to weblog memes. Very handy at times.
de_heise_news - German - the heise news ticker lists computer biz and technology related news.
de_telepolis - German - a "magazine of net culture", oriented towards culture and politics.
mitch_kapor The weblog for the founder of Lotus, Inc. Watch out, Microsoft!
peterme blog - technology, society, interface design, user research, reviews
techdirt Tech news that focuses on the big issues, rather than the daily grind.
whump it's a blog

I also created four new Mac feeds:

appleturns as the Apple Turns
c_a_r_s Crazy Apple Rumours Site
macminute MacMinute
macosxhints Mac OS X Hints
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