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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

11:41AM - New feed: UK Fetish Info

uk_fetish_info ~ UK Fetish Info ~ News and reviews for the UK fetish community, written by people in the UK fetish community.

Tends to run one or two articles a week on average, so not heavy traffic at present.

Incidentally, I notice when the RDF is changed after being read (editing an article title for instance) that a new entry is generated rather than modifying the existing entry for that URL. I might look at how difficult it would be to code it to update instead of post a new link each time, if that was a desirable behaviour?

12:40PM - Video Game Programming

Two feeds of interest to [aspiring] game programmers:

jamieongamedev - Jamie on Game Development
coding_strange - Strange Coding

Of interest to programmers in general:
joelonsoftware - Joel on Software. Doing software correctly

3:52PM - dorktowerfeed

. . . Is working just fine (at least, it just popped a new entry onto my LJ friends page). technodummy, can you uncross it out? Thanks! :-)

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