November 13th, 2002


(no subject)

My friend Bill Humphries whump first told me about weblogs at a conference about 3 years ago. His blog, More Like This, is very good, frequently updated, and highly organized and crossreferenced. However, he provides both RSS and XML code for it, and whoever added it first (and maybe me as well, I was #2 out of 3) used the RSS page for syndication. If someone can change that to point to the XML page,, I believe all his links will show up and it'll look much prettier in LJ! I didn't see any documentation about which to use on the syndication setup page.

I have 2 other friends with Blogs, hopefully Bill will help Sara set up syndication for hers... but I already gave sillysarasue an LJ code, ages ago before syndication, hoping she could figure out a way to do RSS on her own. Is there any way she can have that (completely empty) account linked to her blog, since it'd make sense and already has her username? It'd be neat if whump could somehow get his LJ comments, too.