November 22nd, 2002

  • jwz

new RSS feeds

Hi folks,

Since a few sites I enjoy don't provide RSS feeds, or provide bad ones, I wrote a screen-scraper to translate their HTML into RSS. My program is called Cheesegrater, and these are the RSS feeds I'm currently producing and syndicating into LiveJournal. Lemme know if you experience any problems...

Astronomy Picture
of the Day
apod I wish this one had the pictures inline, but they name the image files non-predictably, so that would be expensive.
Die Puny Humans diepunyhumans Warren Ellis
This Modern World modrnwrld_comic The comic, from Salon.
This Modern World modrnwrld_blog Tom Tomorrow's blog (I had previously added another feed of this at thismodernw_com that gets parse errors; it probably ought to be deleted.)
The Straight Dope thestraightdope Subjects only, not article bodies.
Examiner Bondage Files bondagefiles Goofy news stories.
Wil Wheaton wilwheaton This is a full feed; wilwheaton only has the first half sentence of each entry.
True Porn Clerk Stories pornclrkstories Ali Davis
Red Meat redmeat_rss The Comic, "from the secret files of Max Cannon"
Word of the Day
webster_wotd Not to be confused with wordoftheday or dictionary_wotd, which are both the Word of the Day: the first is a community with the full entry; the second is an RSS feed with only the link.
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