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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, November 30, 2002

9:58AM - New Feeds

I recently added:
cs_monitor - The Christian Science Monitor, a great, relatively unbiased and well researched newspaper.
linux_journal - Linux Journal, an excellent magazine.
lwn - LWN.net, Good Linux/open source/free software/general geek news source.

Current mood: amused

11:47AM - Feed replacement

listmaker_feed2 is a working replacement for listmaker_feed, the feed for http://www.keepersoflists.org

Lots of interesting, very odd lists on that site.

2:36PM - OSNews

osnews is up and running.

From the site:
Our goal is to inform you about the latest news on a vast range of operating systems, from the well-known mainstream OSes, down to small (but also very interesting technically) hobby or embedded ones.

(great big cheers to technodummy for putting so much work into keeping all this updated)

2:42PM - MacCentral


From the site:
MacCentral is the leading resource for Macintosh-related headline news. Continuously updated seven days a week, this site brings readers late-breaking news and product announcements from all over the industry. MacCentral also provides software updates, tips & tricks, forums, reader polls and more, all in a format that is engaging, fun and easy to use.

(I'm an idiot--I created this, and, when I saw nothing on the page, I took it to be broken. There's a reason why they're called "feeds" I suppose...)

3:09PM - freshmeat.net


From the site:
freshmeat maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software, themes and related "eye-candy", and Palm OS software. Thousands of applications, which are preferably released under an open source license, are meticulously cataloged in the freshmeat database, and links to new applications are added daily. Each entry provides a description of the software, links to download it and to obtain more information, and a history of the project's releases, so readers can keep up-to-date on the latest developments.

Of the feeds available, I chose fm-releases.rdf because it gives descriptions of the software (as opposed to fm.rdf, which simply gives links). If anyone is interested, there is an RSS feed for theme releases (fm-releases-themes.rdf) and one for Palm OS software (fm-releases-palm.rdf); I didn't bother with these. There is also fm-newsletter.rdf which provides longer descriptions but also includes the various articles that they post. Might be worth another feed -- freshmeatnews, maybe?

3:31PM - another feed

"A journal devoted to developments in performance, emotional intelligence, stress research, positive psychology, mind/body medicine, and neuroscience, as well as other articles of interest, including updates on what's new at HeartMath. "

Current mood: sleepy
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