December 3rd, 2002

  • almeda

Odd question - how to make an rss feed?

Not, 'how to take an rss feed and bring it into livejournal.' This question is on behalf of a website I read, really. I asked them, excitedly, if they had an .rss feed ... and they blinked at me and said, effectively, "No, but that sounds really cool. How do we do it?"

Google has failed me (or maybe I didn't use the right keywords), as all I can turn up are actual feeds, not a nice how-to geared at people who don't program in Perl for fun in their spare time.

Can anyone suggest one?

Filing syndication bugs

This certainly isn't the journal for it, but --

Where does one file bugs about the syndication system?

I've found that the system won't parse a valid feed with encoding="windows-1251" as an xml property. I had to remove the encoding property to make the feed work, even though the feed is less correct without the property.