December 17th, 2002

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Two more...

peteashton - Pete Ashton's weblog and other bits and bobs, including photos. Pete is the maintainer of BugPowder and a grandee of the UK small press comics community.

bugpowder_rss - A notice board and evolving discussion forum for the UK small press comics community.

updated reader numbers

created based on teh list in the userinfo this morning.
Created entirely by a perl script.

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Does the format on those look okay? anything else i should add? I'm working on moving the "Bad RSS feed stuff" into actually being checked by the script, rather than an additionally descriptor.

Thanks for any feedback.
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hearthmath and "preferred" feeds?

heartmath_rss seems to be working properly now. However, both this feed and heartmath_feed are copies of the same thing, and the _rss version is hosted by newsisfree, while the _feed is hosted by HeartMath. I wouldn't refer any users to the _rss, as it's not formatted as well, and it dropped one post in the past 20. but it should most likely be corrected on the main page.

Is there a list of the "preferred" feeds anywhere? dilbert_feed vs. dailydilbert (daily dilbert tends to drop days, dilbert_feed doesn't.), wilwheaton vs wilwheaton2 (the first is just headlines, but it has all the entries. wilwheaton2 has fulltext, but misses a fair number of entries and can be spammy if wil goes through and edits lots of posts.) etc. Is there a list, should there be? Should I make a poll or go back to studying for my math final? should i stop treating this community as my personal playground? Vote in the comments!
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