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Syn_Promo - Day

Thursday, December 26, 2002


pepysdiary - Diary of Samuel Pepys - a presentation of the diaries of Samuel Pepys, the renowned 17th century diarist who lived in London, England (read more about him). A new entry written by Pepys will be published each day, with the first appearing on 1st January 2003.

10:44AM - Syndicated feed problem?

I don't remember seeing an announcement about this, so if I missed it, I'm sorry. Is there a problem with the syndicated feeds? I haven't received anything in nearly a week.


You know, it's occurred to me that what may have happened to the many RSS feeds that are no longer working is that WebLogs (which is where a lot of the feeds come from) somehow disallowed LJ from accessing the feed because they view it as a commercial use (as does NewsIsFree, no doubt).

Any thoughts?

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