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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, January 10, 2003

9:08AM - Important Milestone

Syndicated feed readership just slipped past 10,000 readers:

Feeds checked on Fri Jan 10 2003 14:55:49 GMT : Total 265 feeds with 10001 readers

Congratulations to all of you for making syndication such a success. Keep on posting those feeds to syn_promo, and share with the rest of the LiveJournal community! Thanks for all the great feeds so far, and hopefully we continue to see more!

Current mood: excited

10:46AM - Two new feeds

theidiotbox Ramblings from the Idiot Box TV show reviews and opinions from alice ttlg (me) and my brother, Matt M.
thebigscreen Ramblings from the Big Screen reviews and opinions about movies from alice ttlg (me) and my brother, Matt M.

11:06AM - Feeds not updating?

Since the problems yesterday, the syn feeds aren't updating? I posted to my idiotbox blog last night and I just noticed that the syn feed hasn't updated to include that. It shows "Next check: 2003-01-09 18:50:19" which was last night about 30 minutes after I posted to my blog. And I didn't see any of the daily comics feeds on my friends page that usually come thru during the night. So I guess all syn feeds are not updating, they're still working on whatever the problem was yesterday?


I didn't create it, but I would like to see comic_getfuzzy added to the list.

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