January 15th, 2003

The Devil's Excrement

I have just added devilsexcrement

Observations focused on the problems of an underdeveloped country, Venezuela, with some serendipity about the world (orchids, techs, science, investments, politics) at large. A famous Venezuelan referred to oil as the devil's excrement. For countries, easy wealth appears indeed to be the sure path to failure. Venezuela might be a clear example of that.

Philosophy blogs added

ppupdate which tracks changes in philosophy pages online. It had a glitch and put up 22 changes at once but is usually more concise.
thoughtsandmore by a philosophy prof.
wosweblog by a philosophy PHD student with a strong interest in David Lewis.

I'm looking at adding a few others but need to find some reliable software for converting blogs without xml feeds into xml.

(I'm trying to group these. Didn't realise I'd be posting so many.)