January 17th, 2003

  • halkeye

should this be here or support?

Does anyone know which verion of rss livejournal supports the most?
Are they planning on supporting Version 1.0 as well as older formats?

Is there any documentation/faqs that i can link to to show a website the best way to prepare thier feed for livejournal, like specificfying the usericon, etc...

Is there any way to change urls of feeds, or close down accounts?

Julius Caesar, the atheists and some professors

I've just added a few more blogs as RSS feeds, of which I expect at least two to garner some interest:

americanatheist, the newsflash service of the American Atheists organization
blogguscaesari, the warblog of Julius Caesar, governor of Gaul. Watch my words. That boy will go far!

Others added:
satoroams an anthropology grad student
consequently an Australian philosophy professor
kieranhealy an Irish professor of sociology at the University of Arizon

Other blogs I've signed up to via LJ which already have a couple of readers but are not listed here are:
instapundit one of the most prolific and popular bloggers on politics and culture
saintandre a techie at Jabber Inc with an interest in philosophy