January 21st, 2003

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It's official!

OK, I've been holding back on announcing this because I wanted to see whether my scraping script worked.

I now proudly present to you drfun, a feed of the Doctor Fun page (or, more precisely, the "this week" page). The feed shows the last fifteen cartoons, regardless of how many are on the current-week page, by caching older entries.

Dave Farley knows about it and has kindly put a link at the top of the Doctor Fun main page (as well as small pointers inside the last two images -- cool!). So this feed can definitely get an N in the feed list.

Doctor fun is a daily (Mo-Fr) one-frame cartoon with sometimes wacky (and occasionally possibly offensive) humour. Try it and see whether you like it; it may not be everyone's cup of tea. (The FAQ says "Doctor Fun is a cartoon, single-panel, with a wacky gag and colorful artwork. Not all Doctor Funs may be suitable for children and some childlike adults. There's a new Doctor Fun every weekday. What Doctor Fun is, for the literal-minded, is a 640 x 480 pixel 24-bit color JPEG file.")

An archive is also available if you want to explore past strips.

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Matthew Baldwin's blog, Defective Yeti, uses Moveable Type. Searching his site, there's no RSS feed to be found, but if you try to directly access the standard MT RSS feed, it exists.

Obviously(?) it would not be right to add his feed to LiveJournal without contacting him in any way beforehand. Would it be right emailing him to ask if it's okay? Or would that be wrong, since he's evidently gone to such effort to remove any reference to the existance of the file from his site. But why else would he keep the file, if not for people to use it?

My head hurts.