January 23rd, 2003


A few News Items

Syndicated feeds are now using a new LASTN style as described in lj_dev in this post. I know asciident mentioned the post last night, but I wanted to bring up the fact that it has been implemented. No announcement has been made of this fact at this point. This implementation may be subject to change. Should I notice anything new in the implementation of this feature, I will make a new post to the community describing it.

Currently, the "Recent Entries" view of a feed Lists the time of the last 10 entries, with the subject provided by the feed. It also lists the website which is taken from the feed information, as well as providing a link to add the feed or view the User Info of the feed.

Additionally, as was mentioned last night by adcott, there is now a raw listing of the feed information. This information will be used for the tool which has been collecting and generating the weekly information posted in the community on readership numbers.

There is now information (descriptions, etc) on 297 feeds. I will have new readership numbers up this weekend using the new data, hopefully.

Thanks for all your help in getting a list together, and keep up the good work.
  • fishfoo

Eject! Eject! Eject!

I tried to create a feed for Bill Whittle's excellent blog Eject! Eject! Eject!, only to find that one already exists. I don't believe I've seen it mentioned here, though, so I'll just go ahead and do so: eject_eject.

I've emailed Mr. Whittle and asked his permission to set up the feed; I've not yet received a response, but I don't expect him to be upset.

Free users watching syndication

It's always bothered me a little that we only let paid users get access to other people's content. It is available still to free users through /calendar, then the day views, but I don't want to appear to others to be capitalizing on the content itself, rather than the tool. (really, people are paying for the aggregation tool/service, but not everybody might see it like that....)

Plus, it's not consistent with other parts of LiveJournal where we provide a bit of the service (3 userpics, instead of 10) instead of not offering at all (no userpics would suck).

So, free users now have 0.99 syndication points. This lets them add 3 or 4 popular feeds and get a taste for the convenience, but since it's less than 1, they're not able to create new feeds, which is good for safety reasons.

Sound good?

Now we appear less evil to others, and we give free users a taste of a paid feature.