January 24th, 2003

  • almeda

About the new style ...

Am I the only one who finds it exasperating to no longer be able to 'see what you're going to get' before subscribing? It's six kinds of pain in the ass now to click around back to the original blog, eye it, match it up to the titles listed in the synfeed ... whereas before I could see exactly what was going to start landing in my friends page, as well as catching up on some of what it said before I started subscribing.

Yes, I know this is to stave off the idiots claiming we're stealing their content. I'm just wondering if there's not a happy medium somewhere.
who the fuck is todd?
  • rahaeli

Syndication style

The syndication style has been updated again -- the dates of entries on the LASTN now lead to the entries.

Hopefully that'll be a good compromise between usability and not getting screamed at by content providers :)
who the fuck is todd?
  • rahaeli


Additionally, we've turned lj_syndication into a community, which can be used for discussion of broader syndication issues and ideas and announcements regarding the syndication features. That will let such posts be separated out from syn_promo's ... well, syndication promotion. :)

rho, the administrator of the Syndication support category, will maintain lj_syndication, while the maintainership of syn_promo will continue to be ably handled by technodummy and crschmidt.