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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, February 7, 2003

2:23AM - glorious noise

i added gloriousnoise: Glorious Noise, a rock music zine.

and if you live in Manila, check out cinesked, a listing of local cinematic attractions -- indie, foreign, and art film.

7:39PM - Off the Kuff

Created offthekuff feed for Off the Kuff, Houston blogger, talks about local and state politics and other stuff. (I found it while looking for news articles about my former boss and former Clinton administration member running for Mayor of Houston this year.)

8:22PM - nme_news

Do you read the NME?

Want the main stories direct to your friends page?

Then add nme_news.

8:50PM - Orange Brownies

Created orangebrownies feed for Orange Brownies, blog of unusual and offbeat recipes created and tested by a group of friends in NYC.

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