March 8th, 2003


Mass promotion

"You're using 9.880 of your allowed 10.000 units."

OK people, please consider helping me out in advance for the next time a feed comes along that I feel I can't live without. :D Now perhaps I am that one person who this entirely reasonable limit was put in place to slow down - but, hey, this is what this community is here for, right? :-)

Games-related feeds:
gameblog_rss: "Recording the gory details of the gaming life of Mikko Saari." Finnish gentleman writes well about board and card games.
thegamereport: "A quarterly print magazine dedicated to board, party, dice, card, family, and strategy games from around the world." The weblog is much more frequently updated and Peter Sarrett is a charismatic and excellent writer.
gamegirladvance: "I love games, and I love reading, writing, and thinking about games. But I had the same problem with gaming that I had with fashion - intelligent critique and analysis without pretension is tough to find out there. So I started writing pieces about games that I would want to read - smart, funny, serious, but playful at the same time. Or at least, that was my goal." The people who broke the Rez + Trance Vibrator story (not work-safe) which did the rounds last October. (OK, it's unfair and unrepresentative to categorise the feed based on that one story, but - let's be honest - it's the one most likely to get the feed extra readers.)
costikyan: "Serious gamoid drivel, ranging from the scholarly to the snide. Sercon, if you know the term, but not devoid of humor." From Greg Costikyan, who is justifiably darn famous. Wish I'd picked a better name for the feed when I created it now.

Personal blog feeds:
static_zombie: "Peter Sarrett's musings on television and less important things in life." He's still a good writer even when he's not talking about board games. Very new, but updated ~daily so far.
simon_cozens: Simon is famous for his work on things to do with Perl 6 and Parrot. Nice guy in person as well.
invizibledotnet: alice_and_lain's b2 site's feed. She's ace.
oblomovka: "Casual Dismissals from Danny O'Brien". One of the people who writes NTK and so important and interesting.

Have a look if any of them take your fancy and let's see if I can scrape an extra 0.881 units before too long. Thanks! :-)

PS Suppose people unsubscribe to the feeds that I currently read, so their costs go up and I exceed my ten unit limit. Would anything strange happen?
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