April 25th, 2003


So, pretty much everyone here knows that the comic feeds from radio.weblogs.com have been down ever since the first of the month. I decided to change that tonight, and learned just enough Perl to make updating the feeds easy for me. However, I've done five of them so far and none seem to be updating, despite the fact that my XML is almost exactly the same (minus a few optional tags) as the XML from radio.weblogs.com.

If anyone can help me with this, then there are five new comic feeds to promote... they're the five most widely-read that have been down, and if I can get these working then I'll do the rest tonight (motivation!).

calvinhobbesxml (the parse error that the userinfo shows was because of a permissions error that has since been fixed)

Disregard this post. These'll stay active for a few days until the old usernames work again (see comments), then I'll delete them just so we don't have silly copies floating around everywhere.
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