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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, April 26, 2003

1:57AM - syn-edit

Okay, someone earlier beat me to my punchline a bit, but i was still doing this, so i've got it set now.

The following feeds have been edited to point at a working URL:
sinfestfeed, boondocks, doonesbury, foxtrot_feed, reallifecomic, megatokyocomic, calnhobbes, nonsquitor_feed, dorktowerfeed, kevinkell, errantstory, pennyarcaderss, dilbert_feed.

dilbertdaily still doesn't work, so if you're watching that, switch to dilbert_feed.

edit: And, in my typical style, I've messed up the URL for errantstory. I'll get that one fixed soon.
I have also added the following feeds:
fbofw_feed - For Better Or For Worse Comic (For Better or For Worse)
someposifeed - Something Positive Comic (here)
littlegamersrss - Little Gamers Comic (here)
cathy_comic - Cathy Comic (here)

For those of you who watch these feeds - thank rahaeli for changing the URLs, and ME for making the feeds ;) These things are all hosted by me, so if they break, please let me know, by emailing me at crschmidt@livejournal.com.

Enjoy ;)

2:17AM - another comic

Thanks to crschmidt, there's now a feed for the comic Luann! It's luann_comic! Check it out!

Current mood: excited


Well, congrats on the success of repairing the comic feeds! Is it possible to work similar mojo on redmeat_rss, which hasn't updated in 10 days? (it's a weekly)

2:35PM - Well, I happen to be priveleged to announce etc etc

http://www.livejournal.com/users/pdicomic/ -- PDI has an RSS feed!
Dial-uppers may not want to take advantage of this, it's a full-color page, three times a week...

pdicomic is Psychic Dyslexia Institute, a webcomic about folks with super powers ... that aren't so super. M W F and occassional Sunday Specials

http://www.livejournal.com/users/fireonmountain/ -- FOTM *also* has a feed.
File sizes are markedly smaller.

fireonmountain is Fire on the Mountain, a weekly (often off-color) one-off gag webcomic. Sundays and Holidays.

BOTH are intended for mature audiences.

Many thanks to crschmidt for assiting and hosting the feed.

6:38PM - Sluggy Freelance and Goats

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of crschmidt (and a script by timwi, as I hear), you can now also follow Sluggy Freelance (sluggy_feed) and Goats (goats_feed) from the comfort of your Friends Page.

Let's hear it for timwi and crschmidt!

9:14PM - Entertainment news

Because I can:
cnn_ent - CNN Entertainment news
ananova_ent - Ananova Entertainment news
bbc_ent - BBCi Entertainment news

There's quite a bit of overlap between them, of course. I have used newisfree.com feeds for all three.

Current mood: amused
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