June 4th, 2003

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Peter David's Weblog

Peter David -- writer of the Apropos of Nothing and Knight Life series, as well as various Star Trek novels, and lots of comics (including Supergirl<.I>, Captain Marvel, and Soulsearchers and Company), has been running a nifty blog for a while now. It's finally available as an RSS feed, and you can catch it at peterdavidblog on LJ. :-)

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I just added eldred_feed, the RSS feed for The Eric Eldred Act website:

This site serves as the focal point for information about the campaign to restore balance to copyright laws by expanding the public domain. Founded as part of Eldred v. Ashcroft, the legal action to overturn the Copyright Term Extension Act (Phase I), it now houses all the documents from that case, as well as new and up-to-date information about advocacy efforts to reclaim the public domain through legislation.