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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, June 22, 2003

1:27AM - Boar's Head Tavern

I just syndicated bht from Boar's Head Tavern, the blog community of The Internet Monk (Michael Spencer). This blog deals with musings of a Christian nature and is a very interesting read.

(Crossposted to christianity.)

7:29PM - Viruses

The people at sophos provide information abput viruses in three feeds, currently lacking in popularity. However, I'm sure an airing here can soon fix that.

sophostopten - information about the "Top Ten" each month
virushoax - information about the lastest hoax that you are being asked to "send to everyone you know"
sophoslatest - probably the most important: breaking news about the next virus that you haven't received yet


Just added privacydigest. From privacydigest.com.

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