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Syn_Promo - Day

Thursday, June 26, 2003

12:29AM - BBC News Feeds

I've created some feeds for the new BBC News stuff...

War on Terrorism
- bbcwarterrnews

Week in Pictures
- bbcweekpics

Film News
- bbcfilmnews

Israel and the Palestinians
- bbcispalnews

- bbcnewsreviews

1:24PM - Amazon Item RSS feeds

The LockerGnome crew have put together a list of 160+ Amazon product listings as RSS feeds:


I've created the following syn feeds for myself:

amzn_comp_books - Computer books
amzn_top_camera - Most popular cameras
amzn_sf_books - Science Fiction/Fantasy Books
amzn_cd_books - Audio Books on CD
amzn_sf_dvd - Science Fiction/Fantasy on DVD

2:29PM - Another baseball one

baseball_primer [Add]

It's the feed from http://baseballprimer.com

3:54PM - Bookslut changes locations

In between my putting in a support call asking for bookslut_feed to be modified to the new XML location, and support responding days later, someone created a new feed. So anyone who was reading bookslut_feed should now be reading bookslut, as the former is kaput.

6:40PM - Earth Science Picture of the Day

I've created a feed for Earth Science Picture of the Day, similar to Astronomy Picture of the Day.

It can be found here: epod_feed

Current mood: accomplished


Recently added a feed for Denise Howell's superb blawg Bag and Baggage. Worth the read for those of you interested in intellectual property and technology legal matters.


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