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Syn_Promo - Day

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

4:49PM - ESPN SoccerNet


After looking and not finding any soccer related Sydnicated news feeds, I've dropped into NewsIsFree and found ESPN's SoccerNet feed.

Add soccernetuk to your list of feeds to grab their latest news from the English Premier League, European Champions League, UEFA Cup and much more.

Current mood: excited


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byjim_comic By Jim, by Jim Kim. Non-linear story strip about the lives of three young people and their friends living in San Francisco.

hindsight_comic Hindsight, by Alan Gardner. A panel with contemporary, topical humor.

hipshot_comic Hipshot, by Andy White. A panel covering a wide variety of subjects, with an edge.

steverino_comic Steverino, by Steve Emond. A strip about friendship and love.

unemployedcomic UnEmployed, by Matt Steen. Chronicling the lives of two slackers and their attempts to coexist with their straight-laced neighbor.

upsdowns_comic Ups and Downs, by Dawn Douglass and Annie Taylor Lebel. Fun with heaven and hell, and the inhabitants of both.

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flotsam_comic Flotsam and Jetsam, by David Brouitt and Marilyn Mandell. Clean, unique style and original humor.

loosenuts_comic Loose Nuts, by Steve Skelton. Off-the-wall humor from a recent winner of the Washington Post Writers' Group FineToon Fellowship.

normal_comic North of Normal, by Ron Therien. A wryly funny panel.

chile_comic Red Chile Moon, by Eric Gignac. Set in a small town in the desert southwest, this strip centers around its eldest resident, Pablo Cordova.

round_comic 'Round the Bend, by Annie Taylor Lebel. A strip about the patrons of a small village pub.

surroundedcomic Surrounded, by Mark Hill. Mark already posted this himself, but I'm including him here for completeness. :-) Read his description of Surrounded below.

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