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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, October 19, 2003

5:26AM - Comics feeds.

Boon_docks updates with the daily boondocks comic. Nothing more to say here. Really.

There's also Sinfestfeed if you like sinfest, if you have no idea what that is go to www.sinfest.net to see it. It's SUCH the best. Not as strange as it sounds.

6:57PM - Change of comic formats // copyright

Many of the comic syndication sources used on LiveJournal to create comic accounts are created by myself. I have not aquired permission to create these feeds, and, as such, they may be in violation of copyright. (Indeed, several feeds have been suspended for this exact reason). However, I claim no responsibility for the creation of these accounts on LiveJournal - I merely provide the XML resources from which these feeds are created, as a test of programming proficiency.

Recently (approximately a month or two ago) a change was made to the format of these feeds so that they would be compatible with Trillian's newsreader plugin.This resulted in a title and link tag being added to each comic. This addition was unrelated to any changes in permissions I have to create these XML sources. As I said, I claim no responsibility to the addition of these comics to LiveJournal.

Recently, a Boondocks feed was suspended at the request of the copyright holder. I have no additional information about this suspension, as suspension information is only available to the person who requested it and the owner of the suspended journal. No one owns syndicated journals.

This post has been made to inform readers of the reason for the changes in many of the comic XML sources I provide, as well as to dispel rumors that these feeds have any connections with the official providers of these comics.


7:48PM - two media blogs (one new, one fixed)

altercation_xml is fixed and working (they changed the HTML slightly)

mwo, Media Whores Online, now available.

All required lib'rul reading materials.

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