October 25th, 2003

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Belles Langues

I've created a new RSS feed for an interesting blog that I read about via the languagehat blog.

It is languesbelles, which is basically about the pecularities of French spoken in Québec.

The blog itself, however, has not been updated in several days. But you may peruse the archives at http://languesbelles.blogspot.com


J'ai créé un nouveau fil RSS pour un blog tellement intéressant qu'un autre blog, languagehat, avait récemment mentioné.

C'est languesbelles, et il se traite du français que l'on parle au Québec.

Cependant ça fait des jours que l'on l'a mis au jour. Je vous suggère donc de lire les messages archivés qui sont disponibles à http://languesbelles.blogspot.com

Bonne lecture !

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About time i actually mentioned these, i set them up long ago.

2 News Syndications
neowin_software - Software from various sources, everything from high profile stuff, like new messenger releases, to like, .. i can't think of the other range, but it usually has cool info.

neowin_gamers - Same, but game releases, less interesting imo, but still nice.

And why not..
neowin_main - Other information, havn't quite figured out what gets into here.. just newsish things i guess