November 7th, 2003

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If you think Homer Simpson has bad luck, wait until you see Ashton Green's lot in life, in the comic "Surrounded". Ashton is literally surrounded by a cast of eccentrics that include his friends, parents and grandparents. Social commentary pops up regularly, too--with no sacred cows. It's open season on the right, the left, the Osamas and the Dicks (Cheneys). Check it out at

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Grab Bag o' Recently Added Feeds

  • pressthink This is a thoughtful blog about the press. Heck, it's written by Jay Rosen, a professor at NYU, so it damn well ought to be !
  • rebeccablood Rebecca Blood writes about a lot of things, including the ecological aspects of food. Anybody who calls the web a “procrastination machine” must be onto something.
  • macservers_feed Useful if you're hacking Mac OS X as a server.
  • think_secret One of the better Apple rumor sites.
  • artima_weblogs There's some good writing about development, especially methologies, at Artima. The weblog articles tend to be too short, but at least following the link from them gets you into the rest of the site.
  • bitworking The guy behind Bitworking is the author of the Atom (weblog syndication/API) specification, so this is a good way of keeping up with its evolution.
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