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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, November 21, 2003


i4news, Future and technology news. From the website:

"I4U's focus is on the future in personal technology. I4U digs up breaking news about emerging products and trends. Special features like product reviews and research of the best sources to buy cool products make I4U the destination for Future technology.

Our editorial stuff is covering a broad range of interesting technology trends. I4U always tries to sense the next big thing.

I4U looks a lot to Japan to find the latest in Gadgets. This is the I4U Teams contribution to the globalization of the Gadget Market. Gadget Fans everywhere want to have the latest Gadgets - not just in Japan!

6:39PM - slashdot

is there such a thing as a good, consistently working feed of slashdot? or just slashdot, which has been off and on (mostly off) for over a week now?

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