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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, November 24, 2003

11:26AM - New Comics Feed

Hi there.

I'm new to the community. I wanted to promote a feed that I just got working for a cute little comic called Jane's World. It's a daily comic that runs in most newspapers. Jane is a neurotic, but adorable, lesbian and the comic follows her life and the trouble she gets into.

The feed is at janesworld_feed

Also, if there is anyone that wants a similar feed set up (for a comic or something), just let me know. The code that automatically goes out and gets this comic is easily modified to get a comic from any site.


Current mood: accomplished

1:04PM - James Hong blog

I've just created james_hong. James Hong is one of the creators of HotOrNot.com, and has been involved in making it a successful business.

Current mood: tired
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