December 9th, 2003

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Attention Red Sox Fans!

Now syndicated! Curse of the Bambino Weblog! bambino_curse

This entertaining weblog is a "must read" for any member of the Red Sox Nation!
Edward Cossette's writting has a way of capturing the moment perfectly. It is a pleasure to read
about all things Red Sox from someone who not only cares about the Red Sox, but knowns them very well.
His sources range from traditional media such as Boston Globe, Providence Journal and ESPN to to other baseball weblogs such as Baseball News Blog. ( )

The weblog is updated 4-6 times a week during the off season and daily during the baseball season.
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Viridian Notes and Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling, the superstah who wrote Heavy Weather, Holy Fire, and The Hacker Crackdown, has an email newsletter, Viridian Notes, about how modern civilization is baking the planet with CO2 emissions, and other ruminations on technology, design, and survival. He puts out a new Viridian Note two or three times a month, on no particular schedule. To give you a peek, here's the latest Viridian Note.

I've created an RSS feed for the Viridian Notes, and it's syndicated here as viridian_notes.

Bruce Sterling's own blog is also syndicated here as brucesterling!

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