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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, December 15, 2003


I've just added the feed for Tara Calishain's Research Buzz as researchbuzz. From the "about" section of the site:

ResearchBuzz is designed to cover the world of Internet research. To that end this site provides almost daily updates on search engines, new data managing software, browser technology, large compendiums of information, Web directories -- whatever. If in doubt, the final question is, "Would a reference librarian find it useful?" If the answer's yes, in it goes!

3:49PM - those !@#$ing liberals!

liberal feeds! get yer liberal feeds here!

some of these i started up on lj, some of them i didn't:


have fun... and remember, nothin' says lovin' like a loony leftist! :oP

Current mood: silly

7:18PM - Digi-times Daily

An rss feed of DigiTimes dot-com daily -- IT news from Asia:



7:29PM - The Baghdad Blogger

Hi all, I've just gotten the feed URL for dear_raed changed because the old one had stopped updating.

Salam Pax is the original Baghdad Blogger. He has been posting since long before the war began, was often discredited as a fake or a US propoganda trick, but despite all that he writes with brutal honesty, he seems to be the real thing, and now he writes for a UK newspaper too.

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