December 20th, 2003



All articles, all the time. Topics include random things that go through my head, random things that go through the heads of our members, an article on feminism every friday, interviews with forum members and other facinating celebrities.

Oh, and feminist_otd is up to 64 watchers now too, so the syndication cost is one that free users can probably all handle.

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I noticed that a few of the feeds I watch have very few other watchers, so I thought I'd share them, in case anybody else wishes to take a glance.

There's the quite popular comics feeds:
dilbert_feed - Dilbert
comic_getfuzzy - Get Fuzzy
foxtrot_feed - Foxtrot
sinfestfeed - Sinfest
pennyarcaderss - Penny Arcade
dailygarfield - Garfield
megatokyocomic - Megatokyo
dilbertdaily - Dilbert
someposifeed - Something Positive
redmeat_rss - Redmeat
reallifecomic - Real Life Comic

Then there's the not-quite-as-popular-but-still-great comic feeds:
userfriendlyrss - User Friendly
modrnwrld_comic - Modern World
roseisrose_feed - Rose is Rose
irregular_comic - Irregular Comic
pvp_comic - PVP Online
luann_comic - Luann
homestar_rss -
pennyarcaderss - Penny Arcade
exdog - Exploding Dog
dieselsweet - Diesel Sweeties
catandgirl - Cat and Girl
littlegamersrss - Little Gamers
thenorm_feed - The Norm
achewood - Achewood
her_comic_feed - Her Comic
wizard_of_id - Wizard of Id
comic_bc - B.C.

And then, there's the non-comic feeds:
semagic_files - For users of the LJ Client "Semagic". Updates when there is an update to the Semagic program itself.
bill_maher - A blog of sorts, from Political Humorist Bill Maher
neowin_software - Updates on downloadable software, news articles of interest to geeks everywhere.
neowin_gamers - News articles of interest to gaming geeks everywhere.

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