January 2nd, 2004



If anyone is interested in New Mexican Folklore, Border towns, Immigration, Chiles, friendship, Saints, Death, Pueblo Indians, Fatherhood and pigs,(not necessarily in that order) There's a Comic out there called Red Chile Moon.

Thought I'd share the RCM New Year's strip with you.

A new comic posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=chile_comic
Peace, Pigs & Chiles,
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I've recently added three new feeds to livejournal:

bagocrap - I'm not sure how I got that name, but the real name is World 0'Crap - its a wonderfully amusing blog, than in their words, "A daily diatribe about current events, bad movies, pop culture, Ann Coulter, etc."

sadlyno - Sadly No is another great blog - it makes me chuckle with glee quite regularly. It's another blog with a great mix of current events and just plain silliness.

rklautins - This is Rick Klau's regular blog - There Is No Spoon. He was also maintaining rklau - Which was the feed of his Howard Dean in 2004 blog. He's going to be combining the two blogs soon.