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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, January 2, 2004

9:37AM - RED CHILE MOON 2004

If anyone is interested in New Mexican Folklore, Border towns, Immigration, Chiles, friendship, Saints, Death, Pueblo Indians, Fatherhood and pigs,(not necessarily in that order) There's a Comic out there called Red Chile Moon.

Thought I'd share the RCM New Year's strip with you.

A new comic posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=chile_comic
Peace, Pigs & Chiles,


I've recently added three new feeds to livejournal:

bagocrap - I'm not sure how I got that name, but the real name is World 0'Crap - its a wonderfully amusing blog, than in their words, "A daily diatribe about current events, bad movies, pop culture, Ann Coulter, etc."

sadlyno - Sadly No is another great blog - it makes me chuckle with glee quite regularly. It's another blog with a great mix of current events and just plain silliness.

rklautins - This is Rick Klau's regular blog - There Is No Spoon. He was also maintaining rklau - Which was the feed of his Howard Dean in 2004 blog. He's going to be combining the two blogs soon.

8:39PM - Religious Feeds

I just added correction_feed, a blog by an anonymous minister about faith, doubt, etc.

And there's always preachermanfeed.

9:56PM - I hadn't checked out the LJ feeds for a while...

It just occurred to me to see if a gamingreport feed was a available, and sure enough, there is one! That made me quite happy... but it doesn't have many readers, and I'm sure there are more than 11 gamers here on LJ. :-P

And I'm glad I headed over here, because it led me to seeing the vaultsoferowid feed! I love Erowid, great site. :)

Current mood: pleased


I've created sneakery and philohagen from sneakery.com and philohagen.com.

Philo is always interesting and enjoys hula hooping.

I'm not sure what sneakery is yet, but they look interesting.

Oh, and choiresicha_rss has been around for a while, but there seems to be only two users. From choiresicha.com, it's mostly links, though there's usually posts of his essays that are quite amusing.


11:25PM - Speaking of gaming . . .

crypticel's post reminded me that . . .

Blue's News

now has a LiveJournal RSS feed. Yay for games!

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