January 3rd, 2004

Twin Peaks: Snoqualmie

New feed: atlanta_news

Folks, I swear, I am really not trying to clutter your Friends list tonight . . . it's just that I think RSS feeds are incredibly nifty. However, there are a few holes as of yet in what's available, and I know some Atlanta, Georgia folks (and some folks who have moved) will be very interested in the following:


I promise - my last post tonight. :)
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Plugging some feeds!

Hi everyone! Let me just plug some feeds that need some more subscribers (several of them were created by me and I'm the only watcher of them at the moment). :)

The following are feeds for sites I visit frequently, mostly because of their excellent Movable Type and PHP articles:

* bradchoate - Brad Choate.com
* rayners - David Rayners.org
* forty_etc - ETC. Indulging My Inner Geek
* lovelinksmt - Kristine's LoveLinks
* girlietipstrick - Girlie's Tips & Tricks
* brainstrmsraves - Brainstorms And Raves
* measure_twice - Measure Twice (Adam Kalsey's Blog)
* alistapart - A List Apart

And the following are feeds for my own sites. Probably of less interest to you, unless you happen to like the same subjects I do. :)

* nl_blog - Nothing Less.net, my personal weblog.
* elizad_feed - Eliza-D.com, an extensive Eliza Dushku Fansite.
* faithsolace - Faith's Solace, a large Faith (from Buffy and Angel) fansite.
* feveroffate - Fever Of Fate, my Scan, Cap and Wallpaper archive (with well over 4000 images so far).
* nbc_feed - Halloween Town, one of the largest Nightmare Before Christmas fansites on the web.
* codegrrlupdates - CodeGrrl.com, a script resource (PHP/MySQL) with active forums and many tutorials.
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Free Will Astrology feeds

For those of you not on my friends list, the feeds I created for Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology horoscopes have been suspended for copyright violation. I finally heard back from Rob himself and he's asked me not to recreate them in the future, so this is just a message to let everybody know that the feeds are gone and won't be returning. Sorry for the trouble.

[Update: If you want all of the information regarding why this happened, please see these two entries in my own journal.]