January 7th, 2004

  • mortuus

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I've syndicated several blogs I've stumbled across that are quite good reading. Maybe you might like them, too. It's quite an eclectic collection.

blogcritics is a collection site of blog entires of various topics in the realm of culture and politics. You may want to see their website at blogcritics.org/index.php. There are quite a few updates a day.

acrossbeyondthr is the blog of the following person (he's an interesting writer): "I'm a Unitarian Universalist minister in my late thirties. I'm a parent, partner, preacher, pastor and poet. Even though, as a liberal minister and a gay man people sometimes think my life is strange, I'm really rather boring. I have two kids, two cats, two dogs, two hermit crabs, and a station wagon. I'm married to a social worker. This is my version of "happily ever after." "

The rest are blogs of people who I just found interesting (some are somehow related to Mormonism (LDS) or Utah, others have mostly political posts, and a couple are just entertaining).

homicidalmaniak (she's in the U.S. Air Force and serving in Germany)