January 11th, 2004

  • lproven

Old Acornheads unite!

I see that most of the Acorn news sites now offer RSS feeds and I've thus syndicated a bunch of them into my LJ. I'm the sole reader of most, though. If anyone's interested, though, come and have a look and reduce how much they're "costing" me...

RiscOs.com: the owners & producers of the OS riscoscom
RiscOs.org: community site riscosorg
Drobe Launchpad: good news site drobelaunchpad
IconBar: updated more infrequently but good coverage: iconbar
Acorn Arcade: gaming site acornarcade

If you don't know what an Acorn is, you probably won't be interested, but go read RiscOs.org for an introduction.

A Romenesko Holiday

For any fellow journalists, reporters or media hounds, these two new RSS feeds are for you.

medianews is the feed for Jim Romenesko's daily blog on Poynter, the institute for journalism. In his column, he follows issues and rumors surrounding the media, often including interesting leaked memos.

romeneskostore is the feed for Jim Romenesko's Obscure Store & Reading Room, a daily updated news site with stories of "normal people doing strange things."
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