January 15th, 2004

Death, etc.

Intriguing Obituaries

blog_of_death honors the recently deceased with links to obituaries of the famous, infamous and interesting unknowns. People may die, but on the Web, their legacy lives on.


afterthoughts__, the Weblog of Seattle writer Jade Walker, offers commentary on her life, loves and intriguing Internet finds.
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A few new syndications


This is the first time I've posted to this community. I never noticed it before until I syndicated a new page today. So, here's the list.

1. lr_lifespace - Titled "LivingRoom - A Space for Life". Incidentally, this blogger has come up with the concept of "Blogger Idol" which you may be interested in.

(The rest of these are syndications I've had for a while, and at this stage I'm the only person reading them. Now that I know about this newsgroup, perhaps a few other LJers may be interested)

2. timdunlop - Titled "The Road to Surfdom".

3. poisonkitchen - Titled "The Poison Kitchen - When Liberal Blogs Attack"
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A Couple of Blogs

Here's a couple of blogs that others might find interesting.

wordsofwaldman is the blog of a writer for the UK broadsheet The Guardian.

funtime_franky used to run the consumer complaint & support site nthellworld.com for users of ntl:'s cable services in the UK. Ntl bought the site from Frank, along with his services, to try and turn it into a positive site, which prompted some to start up the site nthellworld.co.uk, which ntl: had forgotten to purchase the domain for. As some predicated, it all turned sour, and Frank is now in the process of taking ntl: to an industrial tribunal. He runs an interesting blog though.
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Wide-network beta test

forum_xp is a web front end to a sophisticated expert system incorporating the latest breakthroughs in natural language and neural network research. It is the successor project to the original Forum 2000, originally conceived and implemented by Darrell Kindred and Corey Kosak of Carnegie Mellon University, with funding for the project provided by Intelleq, an industrial consortium consisting of IntraLink Solutions, Linguistic Technologies, and Quantor UK, Ltd. Unfortunately, Intelleq was liquidated in early 2001 due to lack of funding, and the project languished, until it was revived in late 2002 by a group of ex-employees and Silicon Valley venture capitalists. Most of the archived neural matrices were recovered, though some of the SOMADs were found to be incomplete or highly damaged.

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